How to Save Money Grocery Shopping Online

Considering online grocery shopping?

We share our favorite tips and tricks for online grocery shopping. We also share what we think are the best features of each shopping service and money saving hacks.

Groceries have always been an expense. And it is time-consuming to shop for groceries. Now with the pandemic, many people choose to limit their time doing in-store grocery shopping. I always thought this made an expensive task even more costly.

But now, stores like Walmart and Shoprite offer services to shop online, and Instacart makes online shopping easy. Instacart coupons are available for first-time customers and sometimes returning Instacart customers. Walmart and Instacart both offer free trials.

There are pros and cons to shopping online.


  • There are new customer and occasional return customer coupon codes that offer big savings
  • It is so much easier not to carry groceries in from the car. Having heavy items like soda, water, pet food brought to your door sure makes food shopping easier.
  • No fighting for a parking space or dealing with long lines
  • It always takes a couple hours to make a full grocery shopping trip.
  • No shopping in cold, rainy or miserable weather!
  • No risk to the health of the elderly or those with underlying conditions. (A membership to an online shopping service like Instacart is an amazing gift for an elderly relative!)


One thing I don’t like is not being able to use manufacturer or printed coupons like from

Most stores have the provision to add your loyalty or members card for savings.

I also miss being able to pick out the exact item I want the way I want it. Instacart does allow instructions to your shopper – (i.e. thinly sliced meat at the deli, etc)